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Autistic School Staff - Helping to Facilitate Diversity and Inclusion in Schools

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A Webinar exploring different perspectives from various experts

Learn about the @AutSchoolStaff project, a ground-breaking study into autistic school educators, by joining this free webinar

The webinar will explore different perspectives from the Autistic School Staff Project and include teachers, senior leaders, associated professionals and parents.  Learn about the issues impacting on autistic school educators as well as the strengths that they bring, and the many benefits of employing autistic school staff for pupils, their parents, colleagues and senior management. Attendees will watch pre-recorded presentations by a range of speakers, including Pete Wharmby, Venessa Bobb and the project's Principal Investigator, Dr Rebecca Wood at UEL. They will also have the opportunity to ask questions on issues of intersectionality and inclusion of an autistic panel of experts by experience. 

The event involves all members of the Autistic School Staff Project. It will be introduced and chaired by Prof Francesca Happé, with social media updates provided by Dr Laura Crane. Alan Morrisson is a member of the panel, which will be chaired by Dr Ruth Moyse. Read more about the team. 

This webinar will be of interest to anyone engaged in education, special education, teacher training, employment issues and disability rights.'

Tuesday, 27 April 2021