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The warrior within: Understanding resilience and responding to trauma

Webinar covering a range of issues with people who have or are experiencing trauma

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1.5-hour Webinar covering a range of issues concerning living with and working with people who have experienced and continue to experience trauma. 
As part of UEL’s wellbeing portal and ongoing webinar series to support those working on the frontlines, we invite you to our next monthly webinar on 30 March 2021. 
Incidents such as the protracted conflict in Syria, the back-to-back floods in Pakistan and Colombia and most recently the COVID19 pandemic, create silent and often hidden needs for local, national, and/or international populations, in addition to those who respond to them. One of these hidden needs may include a range of psychological and physiological responses to deeply distressing or disturbing events that may overwhelm our ability to cope, cause feelings of helplessness, diminish our sense of self and our ability to feel a full range of emotions and experiences. Trauma, an umbrella term associated with these responses, is seen as an “affliction of the powerless” where “the victim is rendered helpless by an overwhelming force” (Herman, 1997). 
In this session we will focus on understanding and defining trauma; recognizing the impact of trauma on the brain and body; understanding inner resources and resilience and their role in the trauma response; engage in an experiential activity to make the most of our inner resources. 

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*Certificates will be available upon request

Tuesday, 30 March 2021