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Emotion Regulation at Work

A webinar for everyone struggling with stressors at work

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What will you learn? 
Work-related stressors can slowly undermine our motivation for work and kill our enthusiasm. Moreover, they can gradually and often inconspicuously lead to burnout and make us think about leaving the jobs we used to love. This is particularly relevant in the current pandemic, which has added another layer of emotional demands to our daily lives and work, thus, increasing our stress levels. 

Join us to learn how to become more resilient by regulating your emotions and developing the highly beneficial quality of psychological flexibility. Not only can this help you manage stressors in your life, but it can also show you how to find meaning in your job and rediscover what it means to enjoy it.

Who is this for?

This interactive and insightful webinar is for everyone struggling with stressors at work and looking for ways to deal with own negative thoughts and emotions (e.g. loneliness, fear of failure, anxiety, anger, envy and many others). It is also for those seeking empowerment in their effort to fight burnout and emotional depletion. They say that we are our worst enemies. This webinar is for all of you who want to become your own best friends.

Meet the experts

The webinar will be facilitated by Dr. Milda Perminiene (Senior Lecturer in Occupational Psychology, UEL) & Sonya Dineva (Lecturer in Business Psychology, UEL). Both of them are experienced researchers and practitioners with international presence, consulting individuals and organisations and helping them to thrive and succeed at work. Their main academic interests are related to emotional labour, ego depletion, and aggression at work (Dr. Milda Perminiene) as well as burnout, work design and leadership (Sonya Dineva).

Tuesday, 19 January 2021