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Taster Day: School of Arts and Creative Industries

Register for a taster day in Games and Animation, Fashion, Media and Journalism & Performing Arts on 25 November

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The Your Future Degree Taster Days are an amazing opportunity for you to gain a wealth of information to make informed decisions about your next steps into University.

If you are in sixth form school or college, year 12/FE1 and Year 13/FE 2 the sessions can support you with choosing a degree course that’s right for you and completing your UCAS applications!

There are 4 subject clusters to choose from on this Your Future Degree Taster Day, so come along to our session (12:15-2:30pm) to sample up to two degree subjects!

You’ll then be HE Ready, Future Ready, Career Ready!

Fashion: Make, Design, Style

In our session, you will have the opportunity to gain an insider look into the 3 courses within the fashion cluster (Textile, Design and Marketing), which, combined together, make up a successful fashion business. Join us on a creative tour as we develop textile concepts in our print workshops, then move forward to using our developed textiles to create draped garment shapes and silhouettes on the mannequin. Finally, engage with us to develop a fashion marketing shoot using styling techniques and props to create a campaign to distribute via social media.

Performing Arts: Spoken Word Performance Poetry

In our workshop, with reference to the work of contemporary Spoken Word artists George the Poet, Kae Tempest and Deanna Rodger we will explore the title ‘Connection/Distance’ by dipping into a ‘word bank’ that we’ll create using resources found immediately around us. We’ll dive into our phones, wallets, bags and pockets to create short Spoken Word performances that examine the question, ‘How are we both closer connected and disconnected in our current Covid climate?’ 

Media and Journalism: What's in a hashtag and what is yours?

What’s in a #hashtag? If you had a #hashtag, what would it be? This workshop will expand your knowledge of the humble hashtag. You will learn new ways to express yourself through hashtags and get your message across. Are you ready to empower yourself and connect experiences across your platforms? Join Media and Journalism at #UELconnected!  

Games and Animation: Participatory animation and game design event!

Are you interested in animation and making games? In this rapid interactive taster session, you will customise or create 3D objects and apply basic animation. After that, we will transfer your creations into a video game environment and you will design the game by determining its rules. Please join us to experience a taste of the gaming and animation industries!

Wednesday, 25 November 2020