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Moral Injury in the Humanitarian Sector

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A webinar series to support those working on the frontlines during Covid-19

To help those working in the frontline of Covid-19 and those struggling with their mental wellbeing during the pandemic, the MSc Humanitarian Interventions Distance Learning course has put together a wellbeing portal bringing together a range of internal and external resources for support.

As part of the portal the course is also putting together a webinar series to offer live sessions on topics relating to mental wellbeing.

The second seminar of the series is an hour-long session looking into moral injury and its effects in humanitarian and frontline work.

Register for this online session here. It takes place on Tuesday 24 November, 2-3pm.

About the webinar

The term moral injury encompasses a response to acts that transgress deeply held moral beliefs or expectations. Humanitarian and frontline work involves difficult moral and ethical challenges, and staff may face situations that conflict with their moral beliefs.

The session will include a presentation of research in the area, accounts from individuals with experience in the sector, as well as the chance to participate in activities. This session will be facilitated by Jennifer Truman and will include a special guest appearance by an expert in the field from Refugee Resilience Collective.

Biography of Presenters

Jennifer Truman

Jen recently completed her MSc in International Humanitarian Psychosocial Intervention at the University of East London. Her research focus was on Moral Injury in the humanitarian sector, specifically looking at whether people who had volunteered with displaced people in Northern France had experienced situations that were potentially morally injurious.

She also spent 10 months working as welfare co-ordinator for Collective Aid in Northern France, supporting volunteer well-being and working directly with displaced people in the area, through provision of material aid. She now works as a support worker for a homelessness charity in London. She therefore has first-hand experience providing psychosocial support in contexts that regularly test people’s personal limits.

Further information

Following on from previous feedback, University of East London attendance certificates will be provided if you were to attend the session live.

The next webinar will be in December before the holidays, entitled: The warrior within: Understanding inner resources, resilience and working with trauma

Tuesday, 24 November 2020