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Year 10+: How to choose a course at university level

How to consider your course options at university level in this engaging webinar aimed at students in Years 10-13

This webinar is aimed at students in Years 10-13, and will take place on Thursday 22 October, from 11.00-11.45am & 4.00-4.45pm.

We will explore some of the things you should consider when choosing a university course and know where to look for more information.

The Eventbrite links below are for teachers only. This is so you can receive reminders to the webinar.

Please pass on the Microsoft Live Events link to your students. They will be able to join the event at the allotted time.

The reason for using Live Events is so students do not have to sign up to anything, however they will not receive webinar reminders so please remind students when this event is taking place.

We look forward to running this webinar and engaging with your students in a new way!

Thursday, 22 October 2020