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Doing For Self: Introducing Black Men for Change

Doing For Self: Introducing Black Men for Change

The Black Men for Change (BM4C) Network was set up in June 2019 as a strategic economic development network and a social movement inspired by an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) and “Do- For-Self” approach to meeting community needs.

UEL is honoured to welcome Jake Ferguson and Viv Ahmun, two members of the group's Executive, to speak about BM4C's work thus far and future ambitions. Jake and Viv are accomplished executives and leaders in their own right, and will bring decades of combined experience in effective change-making to the discussion.

BM4C has a strong core membership of leading African & Caribbean heritage professionals, many of whom are CEOs, COOs and CFOs from trusted community-based organisations and are community influencers in their own right. The group also contains a number of young leaders (18-25) who are honing their skills and building their portfolio of peer to peer approaches - ensuring the thoughts of young people are front and centre of the movement’s focus.

Its founding principles are based on:

  • a shared cultural history and experience which is unapologetically Afrocentric;
  • rootedness in collaboration, partnership working, transparency, respect and honesty;
  • harnessing the unique experience of capable men to take an asset-based approach;
  • an eclectic and systemic outlook, not focused on a single policy issue;
  • long term thinking and goals for the advancement of African and Caribbean Heritage communities living in the UK; and
  • intergenerational, involving all ages in decision making

For more on information visit the Black Men 4 Change website.

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Friday, 23 October 2020