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Black History Month at UEL

UEL Black History Month 2020

We are using the opportunity of Black History Month this year to promote the necessity of awareness, understanding and engagement with anti-racism and black inclusion – not just for this month, but every day of the year.

Events and activities will run throughout the months in partnership with UEL Students Union to illustrate the different avenues for progressing anti-racism, and encourage dialogue on themes including:

  • Inclusive, Intersectional Black Identity
  • Anti-Racist Wellbeing
  • Building Bridges: cross-cultural and intra-cultural engagement
  • Black Leadership: from the boardroom to the front-line

We want to focus on the real challenges that remain ahead of us to create genuine equality, whilst also generating optimism and hope for positive change, and celebrating the successes we see around us.

Keep an eye of the rolling calendar of events to follow what’s happening, and sign up where needed. And take the opportunity to make your voice heard and yourself visible in support of black inclusion and success.

For more information and to discuss ideas about events you’d like to organise contact Fitzroy Andrew in the Office for Institutional Equity on email or on Teams.

Black History Month events that are happening can be found below:

*For alumni, current students and staff only.


Thursday, 1 October 2020 to Saturday, 31 October 2020 0:00