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Eradicating the award gap in performing arts, creative and media programmes

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The Centre of Applied and Participatory Arts (CAPA) in collaboration with The University of East London's Office for Institutional Equity is hosting an online webinar

This is an internal event.


The Centre of Applied and Participatory Arts (CAPA) in collaboration with The University of East London’s Office for Institutional Equity is hosting an online webinar from 10.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.

Register your attendance – the virtual event will be hosted on Microsoft Teams.

The webinar addresses the continuing difference between the proportion of 2.1s and first-class degrees awarded by universities to white students, compared to Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students. White students are awarded a higher proportion of ‘good’ degrees. 

At the University of East London, this difference is 19%. However, in some schools the difference is bigger, with the most recent figures from ACI indicating that black students are 35% less likely (Asian students 17% less likely) to achieve these passes. (There is considerable variation between programmes).

This webinar aims to share expertise on the subject through a key note lecture from Professor Aisha Richards, Central St. Martin’s College and Director of Shades of Noir. 

We will also share film provocations from students from UEL’s Drama, Applied Theatre and Performance and Performing Arts programmes who have produced creative responses to challenge teaching staff thinking on the Award Gap in collaboration with community artist and educator, Jay Patel.

This work is part of ongoing research into BAME student experience led by Dr Martin Heaney. The webinar is also designed to support the further development of EDI’s strategy for Race Equality, led by Professor Marcia Wilson, Dean of the Office for Institutional Equity. This strategy includes the formation of a White Anti-Racist Group, a pilot project and the first of its kind at a British University.

Webinar Programme:

10am Welcome. Professor Marcia Wilson and Dr Martin Heaney

10.15am Key Note Lecture. Professor Aisha Richards with Q&A.

11.15am Student Panel Response with Esohe Uwadie, Institutional Equity Officer

11.45am Student Film ‘Provocations’ and Coffee Break

12.15pm Student-led Panel Discussion

1.15pm Student Voice and Eradicating the Award Gap. Reflections on Practice. Dr Martin Heaney and Jay Patel.

For further information on the ‘Award Gap’ (known within the wider sector as the attainment gap) and UEL work in this area, please click on these links:

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We look forward to welcoming you to this session!

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Wednesday, 8 July 2020