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Building your resilience for personal and leadership success with Dr Jummy Okoya

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Learn ways to boost resilience at work

Our work environment is constantly evolving, with increased use of technology, more complex regulations and compliance in an ever-changing landscape. Work can often spill over into personal time, leaving little respite for busy lifestyles and a real risk that our resilience and wellbeing are compromised. It is crucial that we have strategies to keep this in check, get the necessary downtime and maintain a healthy work/life integration. The need for resilience has never been so apparent.

Why is it that some people thrive in the face of challenge and adversity, while others panic and withdraw? 

In this interactive session, you will: 

  • Discover the principles of resilience
  • Examine what research says about resilience
  • Explore the benefits of being resilient

Learn ways to boost resilience at work: building resilience in yourself, your team, and your organisation

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*This is only available to University of East London alumni

Wednesday, 4 March 2020