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Detour Ahead


Roadmaps for the Art and Design Industry

Artists, Designers, Illustrators, Photographers, Curators, Agencies, Networks and Organisations talk about Professional Practice and varied routes from art school to professional success.

Formal teaching stops, practitioners come in and offer inspiration by discussing the paths they took. This unique event is in its 7th Year and invites all our students to think about their own possible pathways.

Detour Ahead is an event put on by the Visual Arts Cluster and joined by Courses which share our modules such as Animation.

Monday 3 February

  • Warhol Breakfast - 10am, WB.G.02
  • Elliot Dear - 12pm, WB1.01
  • Chris Krage - 2.30pm, WB.G.02
  • Xie Rong (Echo Morgan) - 4pm, WB.G.02

Tuesday 4 February

  • Creative Freelancing - 10.30am, WB.G.02
  • Creative Tax - 12pm, WB.G.02
  • Creative Copyright - 2.30pm, WB.G.02
  • Jenny Lewis, Editorial Photographer and Sara Rumens, Picture Editor, Times - 4pm, WB.G.02

Wednesday 5 February

  • Ed Vince - 10.30am, WB.G.02
  • James Papper - 12pm, WB.G.02
  • What does Culture have to do with Climate Change? Everything - 2.30pm, WB.G.02
  • James Oses - 4pm, WB.G.02

Thursday 6 February

  • Helen Brunsdon - 10.30am, WB.1.01
  • Bedroom Studio - Soren Harrison + Amir - 12pm, WB.G.02
  • Alixandra Fazzina - 2.30pm, WB.G.02
  • TBC Fine Art - 4pm, WB.G.02

Friday 7 February

  • Live Hazzard - 10.30am, WB.G.02
  • Marcus Armitage - 12pm, WB.G.02
  • Luke Archer - Editor Loupe Mag - 2.30pm, WB.G.02
  • Will Sweeney - 4pm, WB.G.02


For more information, please view the event's booklet.

Monday, 3 February 2020 10:00 to Friday, 7 February 2020 17:00

Docklands Campus

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