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Lectures on contemporary architecture: Hanaa Dahy

Towards industrialised architecture!

Tuesday 10th December, 6.00pm

AVA Atrium Theatre, Docklands Campus

The lecture will highlight new visions for dealing with architecture as an industry linked with diverse disciplines. Hanaa Dahy will showcase current industrial projects that she leads and how this influenced the way of making new architectural design scenarios and applications. Examples from both research and teaching will be given and thoroughly analysed. Built up mock-ups in 1:1 scales with new developed materials, including bio-based and smart materials, will be shown and discussed. Involvement of students in several design and fabrication stages will be shown. At the end, a discussion with be opened about how architecture of the near future should be like in academy and in practice. In addition, discussions including how materialisation and digitalisation have both affected this ‘new’ architecture will take place. Furthermore, methods of preparing future architects for those challenges will be highlighted.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019 18:00

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