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Resilience, Power and Values for Women in Leadership

Human Resource Management

Resilience, Power and Values for Women in Leadership

Facilitators: Milda Perminiene (Senior Lecturer in Occupational Psychology, School of Psychology) & Sonya Dineva (Lecturer in Business Psychology, School of Psychology)

Join Milda and Sonya – both experienced researchers and practitioners - on a highly interactive and insightful journey that will unlock your leadership potential and help you develop the essential skill of psychological flexibility.

Who is this for?
This 1-day course is designed for aspiring or experienced women leaders, who want to discover their unique leadership style and find ways to act upon their strengths in an authentic and highly effective manner. The training will equip you with tools that will assist you in being successful leaders without having to follow role models and losing your identity and real self. This can boost your confidence and support your resilience in the face of daily obstacles in the workplace. Therefore, the motto of our course is:

“Find your unique way towards thriving as a woman leader”.

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What will you learn? As female leaders, our participants will focus on answering the following questions and achieving the goals identified below:
1. Who are you as a leader?

  • Discover your leadership identity
  • Understand your leadership story and strengths

2. What do you want to be as a leader?

  • Identify your path towards greater resilience
  • Learn about what blocks your power

3. How will you get there?

  • Make your personal values and strengths a more prominent guide to your leadership behaviours at work and beyond
  • Create your own action plan towards thriving as a leader

The event is taking place at US.1.12

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*This event is for University of East London staff only.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

University Square Stratford

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