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Performing Arts Presents: Halloween Party 2019

Experience Halloween spookiness at our Stratford Campus!

Performing arts are showcasing some fantastic audio and visual projection mapping for a Halloween party on the 31 October. This is taking place at the SU Dome at the Stratford Campus. It's a free event and kicks off at 5 pm.

5PM - Doors. Guests start to arrive into a Halloween environment complete with soundscapes and projection mapped spookiness. The downstairs will be dressed as a sort-of Frankenstein's lab. The upper balcony will house the bar and DJ area to create movement in the space. The upper area will also act as a viewing gallery for...

6PM - Projected mock-autopsy. Nothing too gruesome, we promise! But we'll kick off the evening with a short AV show created by Performing Arts Technicians. We'll ramp up the lights and audio-visual activity.

Thursday, 31 October 2019 17:00

SU Dome, Stratford Campus

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