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Lectures on contemporary architecture: Sheila Kennedy and Frano Violich


Unpacking the material culture of architecture

Tuesday 29th October, 6.00pm

AVA Atrium Theatre, Docklands Campus

A Conversation on Research and Practice

Violich: Where do you want to start on this question of unpacking material culture?

Kennedy: I’ll start with this. It’s how we practice and commit to the idea of agency in architecture. It’s all about the full engagement of the architectural imagination.

Violich: But it has to do more than this. Agency needs to advance systematic change within institutions assumed to be ‘given’, to create new cultural ideas, to shift people’s perceptions and propose new ways to get things done and better understand materiality as both a cultural and infrastructural construct.

Kennedy: I guess I would say that materiality is a highly charged topic. And I think in order to really design with a material we need to recover what the history of that material is. How it has been used in the past, particularly in modernism, how that material is manufactured, what it’s cultural set of users or applications has been.

Violich: We can’t really think that materials today are raw, primary matter, that we architects carve or form. More often than not materials are secondary or even tertiary as by-products that are ours to misuse.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019 18:00

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