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Current Advances in Gambling Research 2019 (CAGR2019)

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Academic experts gather to discuss developments in research on gambling 

The first Current Advances in Gambling Research is designed to bring together academic researchers in the gambling field to share data, methods, and results from UK based gambling research. It is funded by the Society for the Study of Addiction (SSA) and aims to showcase some of the best gambling research currently being conducted in the UK. 
This fully independent conference will be attended by inter-disciplinary academics, clinicians, politicians, policymakers and other interested parties from all over the UK.
It will be held on Friday 12 July 2019, at UEL's campus in Stratford in University Square, 1 Salway Road, London E15 1NF. 
Keynote presentations will be given by Professor Marcantonio Spada, who specialises in addictive behaviours and mental health in the School of Applied Sciences at London South Bank University, and Professor Gerda Reith, a sociologist interested in addiction, problematic forms of consumption, and public health and policy regulation. 

Keynote presentations: 

Professor Marcantonio Spada: The Role of Metacognitive Beliefs in Predicting Problem Gambling: A Review

Professor Gerda Reith: Gambling related harms: Language, policy and the process of moving towards a public health perspective in Great Britain

There will also be a range of presentations from other experts and scholars in gambling. 
We hope this event will draw the gambling research field closer together, creating an independent opportunity to present work, share results, and facilitate networking and the discussion of research and develop further collaborative opportunities.

Although primarily a research-driven academic conference, attendance is open to everyone.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided on the day. Register or for any additional information >
The deadline for conference registration is Monday 8 July. 

Please follow the conference hashtag on Twitter for further updates: #CAGR2019

Friday, 12 July 2019

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