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Behind The Zines

Students outside Stratford building

A Level 5 Illustration Exhibition

BEHIND THE ZINES' – 15 - 28 February

This exhibition is to showcase zines that were made by us second year Illustrators. They are based on our research and visual thoughts on the theme of 'EMPIRE'.Throughout history there have been many empires that have ruled over settlements internationally, whether it be the British Empire of the 16th – 18th century, or thousands of years ago when Egyptian empires were building their society. We also explored themes of 'Colonialism' and 'Exoticism' which are major running themes in Empires, these refer to controlling territory, political and financial influences and the exploitation of indigenous people.

Zines are short, self-published magazines that operate on the edge of mainstream and established thinking as a form of independent and personal publishing for free, uninhabited expression. Zines are made to express the publisher's views, rather than to make profit off of, so traditionally they are made in very limited runs and only passed around certain groups in society. They contain original or appropriated texts and images and are very cheap to make and reproduce via photocopier or Riso printer, which makes them a very popular format to showcase visuals that are usually based around a specific theme throughout the zine (or 'fanzine' if the publication is showcasing a certain thing that interests the publisher). In short, Zines can be dedicated to any imaginable point of view or idea.

Riso Printing is a fast, inexpensive way to print and photocopy images, so it is a good method of creating zines. An original image is scanned into the printer and creates a 'master sheet', which is the image that will be printed. The master is wrapped around the ink drum which then spins around printing onto the paper very quickly as it is fed through the machine. A Riso machine also has many different coloured ink drums to make different coloured layered images, as an already printed image can be fed through again and printed on top of. Compared to a normal photocopier, Riso printers are very reliable and some can print up to 130 pages a minute, making it a very good means of creating mass publications and printed images.

The exhibition is currently on display at the Barking Learning Centre until February 28th.​

2, Barking Learning Centre, Barking, IGN11 7NB

Thursday, 15 February 2018 9:00 to Wednesday, 28 February 2018 17:00