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Professor Michael Ignatieff: The Refugee as the Invasive Other 

University Square Campus

Rector of the Central European University delivers public lecture to mark launch of new 'OLive' course for refugees 

The University of East London (UEL) has developed an innovative course for refugees - the Open Learning Initiative (OLive).

This course familiarises students with higher education in the UK and prepares them to apply for a university place.

To mark its launch this month we have invited Professor Michael Ignatieff to give a public lecture on refugees, rights and citizenship. 
Professor Ignatieff is rector of Central European University, Budapest, with which UEL collaborates for the OLive programme.

He is an internationally known academic and advocate for human rights, and a prolific writer. He is a former politician and leader of the Liberal Party, Canada.
This event also marks the 20th anniversary of UEL's MA Refugee Studies course, and the tenth anniversary of the university's Centre on Human Rights in Conflict. 
"The Refugee as the Invasive Other" addresses key issues about refugees, rights, inclusion and exclusion in the 20th century.

This special guest lecture is open to the public.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017