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We offer a comprehensive range of printing and copying facilities for our staff, students and commercial partners.

Our aim is to provide a quality assured service which contributes a central role in academic and administrative areas of the University.

Our key services are:

  • High volume black and white printing and copying
  • Full colour digital printing and copying
  • Litho (ink) printing
  • Scanning
  • Full binding service (including thesis binding)
  • Design services
  • Large format display graphics
  • Paper, card and other materials

We provide a wide range of products including; module guides, study packs, lecture notes, prospectuses, posters, leaflets, flyers, brochures, booklets, large display graphics, exhibition materials and marketing materials, business stationery, NCR forms, certificates, newsletters, and reports.

We can tailor-make products to your specification and we can also organise outsourced printing.

If you have any enquiries please contact any of the Print Centre staff via the link below.

A quality assured service

UEL Print Services aim to provide a customer focused reliable, expedient, and value for money service to support and deliver printed materials (and other services) to our staff, students and external partners.

We are an in-house facility but our services are also available to; students, the local community and commercial businesses. Our customer reception is open Monday to Friday, 8.00am – 6.00pm and closed during public holidays, special events and extended university closures (such as Christmas break – please check website for details).

We use rigorous quality assurance processes at all stages of production but in the event that client work is not produced to the pre-agreed specification we will endeavour to put right and remedy problems as quickly as possible or discuss a resolution which is mutually acceptable.

We will always inform and advise clients immediately in the event of unforeseen circumstances that could impact on agreed delivery schedules. Planned machine maintenance that might impact on production schedules will be advised in advance on our webpages.

Guidelines for using UEL Print Services

     Print Services are pleased to offer a range of printed products and services..

    The three principle methods of production are:

    • Black and white photocopying
    • Digital Colour printing and photocopying
    • Litho printing (ink printing)

    From a combination of these processes we are able to produce a multitude of products such as:

    • Handbooks, Module Guides, and Manuals (glue, wiro or perfect bound)
    • Handouts (stapled or punched if required)
    • Stationery (letterheads, business cards, compliment slips, envelopes)
    • Full colour course literature and marketing materials (A4 and A5 booklets, U-folded leaflets, flyers, bookmarks, postcards invitations, A3 posters etc.)
    • Large Display Graphics such as Zap Banners, foam board mounted graphics, outdoor banners
    • Administration forms and letters (NCR forms, perforated forms, receipt pads)
    • Learning & Teaching support (transparencies, scanning, course folders)

    We accept your work from both hard copy originals and most forms of digital artwork.

    Each individual item for printing has to be accompanied by a separate Request Form. The form must be filled in with care so that we know exactly what your requirements are. If there are any parts of the form that you are unclear about please contact somebody at the Print Centre who will be happy to guide you through the process. The request form accompanies the job throughout the production process so be sure to include all vital details such as contact name, email address, telephone number, delivery address, cost centre and authorising signature.

    What Services are provided by the Print Centre?


     The quickest and most efficient way to submit your work is via our online portal known as the PRINT HUB. Files can be readily uploaded and your work ordered from anywhere at any time. 

    You can email your work directly to us at but please be aware large graphics files may exceed the attachment size limit. Please also include a PRINT REQUEST FORM with every job submission.

    For hard copy please post your work directly to us via the internal mail (please send to the address given below clearly labelled using a well-sealed envelope and include a print request form) or in person drop work into the in-tray at our Print Centre Reception at the Docklands Campus. 

    We also accept work from file transfer sites such as Drop Box, USB pens, portable hard drives and CD Discs.

    Alternatively for members of Schools who have the facility, you may use the special boxes provided at your appropriate drop-off and collection points (please ask your School Administrative staff for current details).

    If you require typesetting for business cards or letterheads (or amendments to previous orders) please place your order by emailing the Print Centre and include a PRINT REQUEST FORM.

    For all UEL Corporate Design services please contact Anton Webb (Head of Design), or call +44 (0)20 8223 6869.    

    We also offer a limited commercial design service in-house by arrangement.

    How do I submit my work?

    There can be no absolute equation for how long work will take to be produced as each piece of work received varies in volume and complexity, but as a rule of thumb, always submit your work as early as possible - the sooner we receive it, the sooner you will have it back. If you have a requirement for express work (same day by arrangement) we will apply a 50% premium charge.

    A turnaround time of two days is expected for the majority of standard work.

    Here are some rough guides:

    48 hour turnaround (from pick-up to delivery):

    • Simple handouts – comprising 10 to 50 A4 pages up to 100 sets
    • Short manuals – tape bound or stapled (up to 100 originals) and 100 copies
    • Colour copies – up to 1000 from a single original (A3 or A4)

    Up to one week (from pick-up to delivery)
    - for Simple stationery – standard departmental letterheads, business cards and compliment slips and NCR forms (No Carbon Required). 

    By arrangement

    Very high volume copying – manuals comprising in excess of 100 originals and 100 sets

    To simplify: the shorter and less complicated the job – the less time it will take to process and return. Conversely, the greater the page number, the longer the print run, and more complexed the processes involved – the more time will be required for production.

    How long will my work take to process?

    You can collect work in person from the Print Centre (work is normally stored on the Collection Point shelves to the right of the door) or you can have your work sent directly by Estate Services. Please give clear delivery instructions on the print request form. 

    We despatch work as soon as it has been completed but in the event your work fails to arrive as expected please contact us straight away. 

    We also provide a chargeable service for work that requires despatch external to UEL campus sites (UK wide and global). Please contact us for details and rates.

    How will my work be returned?

    Getting in touch

    Print Centre Room EB.G.12, Docklands Campus
    Print Centre Room EB.G.12, Docklands Campus
    • Print Centre, Room EB.G.12 , Docklands Campus