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To help you decide whether your query would be an Appeal or Complaint, please refer to the Flowchart.

    Our university has robust systems in place for maintaining the integrity of the assessment process; however, occasionally things can go wrong.  The Appeals Procedure enables students to appeal against the decision of an assessment board so that we may rectify any problems that occasionally occur.

    Grounds on which you may appeal

    Appeals against the decision of an assessment board are only permitted on the following grounds:

    • The assessment was not conducted in accordance with the current regulations for the programme, or there has been a material administrative error or some other material irregularity relevant to the assessments has occurred.
    • For a student with a disability or additional need, the initial needs assessment was not correctly carried out, or the support identified was not provided, or the agreed assessment procedures for that student were not implemented.

    Appeals cannot be made on the grounds of disagreement with the academic judgement of an assessment board.

    What is not covered by the procedure?

    The appeals procedure does not cover the following categories of appeal for which separate procedures exist:

    Before you appeal

    You are stongly advised to seek the advice of the Students' Union Advice and Information Service before submitting an appeal.  You may contact the Advice and Information Service on 020 8223 7025 or email

    If you decide to appeal

    If you wish to appeal against the decision of an Assessment Board you must:

    • Complete all sections of the Notification of Appeal Form (please contact Institutional Compliance if you require the Appeals Form in a different format)
    • Attend a conciliation meeting with the Chair of the Assessment Board to attempt to resolve your appeal (this should be convened within 10 working days)

    If the outcome of conciliation is unsuccessful you may then submit your notification of appeal form to the Institutional Compliance Office who will formally investigate your appeal.  The form should be returned to the Institutional Compliance Office within five working days of the conciliation decision.  

    For a summary of the University Appeals Procedure and the various stages please view the following Appeal Flowchart‌‌.

    Further information for students

    Students wishing to submit an appeal should read the following Appeal Guidance for Students 2014/15  before submitting a Notification of Appeal Form.  The Appeals Against Assessment Board Decisions is set out in full in Part 7 of the Manual of General Regulations.

    If you require the Notification of Appeal Form in a different format to that available then please contact Institutional Compliance.

    If you are a student studying at a partner institution or studying your programme by distance learning and have a query regarding the Appeals Procedure please contact Institutional Compliance who will be able to advise.

    If you are considering appealing you are strongly advised to seek advice from the Students' Union Advice and Information Service on 020 8223 7025 or email:

    Further information for Chairs of Assessment Boards

    Chairs of Assessment Boards should read the following Guidance for Assessment Board Chairs before conducting conciliation meetings.