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It is part of our academic regulations that if you have made a commitment to a taught programme of study you are required to attend all compulsory timetabled events as an essential part of your learning.  In addition, the Student Loans Company (and the Home Office, in the case of international students) requires attendance to be monitored.

The Engagement & Attendance Policy is in place to encourage you to attend all of your compulsory timetabled classes. It is evidenced that a good attendance record has a positive impact on performance and is therefore key to you successfully achieving the outcomes of your programme. We are keen to support you to maximise your potential and by monitoring attendance we are able to quickly spot patterns of non attendance and work with you to help you overcome any issues that may be affecting your attendance and/or studies so that you can stay on track.

You are strongly encouraged to click on the link and review the Engagement & Attendance Policy.


All absences should be reported using the online Absence Form.

Submitting the Absence Form means that we are kept informed of your situation and can take your individual circumstances into consideration.  It also helps us to identify whether you have any support requirements so that we can signpost you to support services as appropriate. 

This does NOT mean that your absence is authorised.  You are advised that ALL absences will still be recorded factually as an absence and where this contributes to your attendance rate falling below acceptable levels you may still face the consequence of being withdrawn from a module or your programme of study. 

You are advised to additionally inform your lecturer/teaching staff member as a professional courtesy.

You should submit a separate Absence Form for each period of absence.


If you have any questions about the Attendance and Engagement Policy please take the time to review the Frequently Asked Questions  (Login required) to see if your question is covered.  If it is not, contact details are provided at the bottom of the page.


  • Register your attendance by swiping your UEL ID card on the electronic card reader in the timetabled venue.  You can swipe in no earlier than 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  • Your punctuality and attendance are important - if you are frequently late or your attendance rate falls below acceptable levels your complete student record will be reviewed and you could face being withdrawn from your module or programme.
  • All absences should be reported using the online Absence Form as outlined in the Absence Reporting section above.
  • If you have any problems that are affecting your punctuality and/or attendance then you are encouraged to seek support through your Academic Advisor or our available support services. 
  • Check your student email account for weekly updates about your punctuality and attendance and check your attendance record online via My Record.


  • In person: Student Support hubs at Docklands Atrium and University House, Stratford (behind the Great Hall). You can also access some front-line support at the helpdesk in the reception area of USS.
  • By phone: 0208 223 4444
  • By email:
Opening Hours
  • Term time: Monday to Friday 8.30am-7pm. Saturday 9am-5pm.
  • Outside term time: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.