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Schools and Colleges

Schools and colleges


The Schools and Colleges outreach team at UEL seeks to work collaboratively with local schools and colleges to:

  • Prepare young people to make key decisions for their educational future
  • Raise awareness and aspirations to go into higher education for those from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Support attainment in young people and encourage them to succeed.

All UEL outreach delivered to primary through to post 16 and mature learners seeks to be:

  • Timely add value to the students at the at the point it is being heard    
  • Relevant map to the curriculum or area of interest for the student             
  • Meaningful workshops that engage, inspire, inform and challenge
  • Informative provide young people with the tools and resources to take action

Key target groups for the University include disabled, care-experienced and estranged students and strive for our activities to be inclusive and accessible to students from all backgrounds.