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Start-Up School

At Start-Up School we will help you learn all the fundamentals of business
start-up. On completion of the programme you should have the first draft of your business plan and a better understanding of where you would like to take things next!
No experience necessary.

Global Entrepreneur Week | 13th-19th November

Global Entrepreneurship Week is the most exciting time in our calendar, come and enrol at the Start-Up School and begin your start-up journey at UEL today! Enjoy our taster sessions in Ideation and take inspiration from our panel of successful young entrepreneurs.

Wednesday 15th November | Start-Up School: Ideation

2pm-5pm | US2.31, University Square Stratford, E15 1NF
How do you know where your business is going if there is no plan, people, resources money or directions to get you there? This workshop takes a practical approach to business planning with focussed, interactive exercises around the key considerations for you and your business.

Wednesday 15th November | Be Unplugged: Building a Brand - Panel Discussion

In the pursuit of a better tomorrow, today’s visionary leaders see the world not as it is, but as it could be and then they attempt to push boundaries to create new possibilities... If you've ever wondered about the work that goes into making big ideas come to life and finding innovative solutions to our own success.

Thursday 15th November | Visit to The Business Show

Meet at Stratford Station at 10am 

We are going off site and visiting The Business Show 2017 at Olympia. This is an annual event which sees Enterprise Support agencies and services come together to exhibit and offer support. There are always some great organisations to give advice and support and it is a useful platform to build your network. Tickets are completely free and there are a number of masterclasses taking place around SEO, IP, Branding etc. and for the first time there is also the opportunity to book a one to one with someone from Google Digital Garage.

Friday 17th November | E-Factor Launch Day: Secrets to Success Guest Talk

12:30pm-1:30pm | Knowledge Dock Ground Floor 

This is an inspirational seminar that shines a spotlight deep into the truth behind successes and failures. Delivered by the award winning author and business guru Junior Ogunyemi. Stop going around in circles and break out of the cycle! Come and learn the secrets and practical tips helping entrepreneurs, students and professionals achieve breakthroughs.


Dates, Workshops and Content still to be finalised

1 | Tuesday 14th November - Business Planning

Think you know your customer? Will your business make money? This practical session will teach you how to find what your target market is really willing to pay and avoid costly mistakes made due to poor market research!

2 | Wednesday 15th November - Ideation

‘Ideation’ is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas. This interactive session will challenge, refine and develop your business idea.

3 | Monday 20th November - Starting a Business

You’re ready to start your business but the question is how and when do you ‘officially’ start a business?

As a start-up entrepreneur there are a number of options available to you when setting up or incorporating your new company and as a result it’s vital you know the difference between the options so that you are able to make the best decision for you and your business. The decision you make at the beginning will be fundamental to your first 12-18 months of trading and will influence some of the ways you manage your business on a day to day basis. During the workshop you will develop a clear insight into your options and as a result you should leave with thoughts around what structure is right for you as well as when is the right time to register your business.

4 | Thursday 23rd November - Market Research & Validation

Failing to analyse and understand the market and base product offerings on market requirements is one of the most common failures when starting a business. Attend this workshop so you don’t make the same mistake!

Think you know your customer? Will your business make money? Learn how to find what your target market are really willing to pay and avoid costly mistakes made due to poor market research!

5 | Monday 27th November - Finance & Cash Flow

This workshop is guaranteed to be intense and practical! The session will take you through a crash course in the financial planning and management tools you will need for your business in your first 6 – 12 Months. From pricing to breakeven to cash flows we will use practical examples to show you the difference between these tools and most importantly how to use them. We will also attempt to look beyond the numbers and spreadsheets and share with you how you can use these document on a day to day basis in your planning, forecasting, marketing, sales, the list goes on….. You will leave with knowledge, confidence and the tools to get you started and see you through your first £50,000 or two!

6 | Friday 1st December - Tax: The Dreaded Responsibility of an Entrepreneur

The unspoken, avoided, dreaded responsibility of an entrepreneur…

This informative session will provide an introductory overview of what you need to do to fulfil your tax responsibilities as a start-up business. We will cover the basics of tax and national insurance for those of you considering to become either a sole trader or a limited company and most importantly the key records you will need to keep from day one. You should leave the workshop with confidence in what you need to complete and when.

7 | Monday 4th December - Marketing Strategies for Start-Ups

Following on from our Market Research Workshop, you will now have a clearer idea of who your target customer(s) are, we will explore the ways to best communicate and sell to this group- this is known as the route to market. Each segment will have a variety of strategies that are proven to work best for the target group(s). By analysing how your favourite brands communicate with you, we will create a tailored marketing strategy for you and your business- as well as methods of evaluating their effectiveness.

8 | Thursday 7th December - Sales: How to WOW your Audience

Looking at sales techniques and the customer behaviour- why we buy what we do. We will look at the AIDA model and Psychology of Influence and Persuasion.
This interactive workshop will get you all up and selling in no time- boost your confidence- share your idea and get feedback from your peers.
You should leave with an understanding of what the selling process is and an of overview ways to generate sales to close and retention strategies.