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Bring Your Own Business

Bring Your Own Business (BYOB) is designed for students and alumni with an already established business. The programme provides intense mentoring and a series of professional topical masterclasses which when combined will give you the focus and skills to boost your business.

Get Ahead With Mentoring & Support

 Bring Your Own Business will help you understand your business better so that you can make the changes needed to accelerate your growth. We will take you through a programme of networking,  dedicated support and workshops to help you self-diagnose your business needs and set goals. Selected finalists will receive funding, mentoring and masterclasses from industry experts as well as a prestigious ‘Haberdashers’ Scholarship’ initiating you into a private members network hundreds of years old.

Eligibility Criteria

Trading over 12 Months | No older than 3 Years | UEL Student or Alumni

The Journey

Key Dates

Business Health Check

Why do we only go to the doctor when we are ill? Or mechanic when we breakdown? Running your business is no different and typically entrepreneurs only seek help when they are already struggling or facing a problem. Shortlisted businesses will be invited to take part in a ‘Business Health Check’ which will be the opportunity for you to take a step back and work on your business rather than in it. We will take you through a number of exercises to assess the overall health of your business which will be used to create a personalised prescription for you. 

We will also take the opportunity on the day to conduct a short 15 Minute interview with each business which will be considered when selecting the finalists.

Growth Workshop Series

Between May and October we will be running bi weekly events to support you in growing your business. These will be a mixture of full day, half day and evening workshops and themed around the following areas;

  • Marketing + Sales
  • Finance
  • Management + Leadership
  • Legal + HR

Boost Your Business Final Five - In Partnership With Haberdashers Livery Company

The Final Five will all receive the following; 

  • 1 Day Speed Mentoring with experts in Finance, Marketing, Website & Coaching, HR + Legal (1st May)
  • £2000 Grant Funding
  • Paid Intern Placement 1 Day per week for 12 Weeks
  • 6 months 121 mentoring
  • Access to Masterclasses
  • Haberdashers Scholarship

Last Year's Winners