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London Scholars 2016

Staff and students work together on London Scholars projects to address some of the key challenges facing London today. Initiatives align with academic activity but also deliver real-world impact and solutions.


The Active Families project 

Children and their families are given the chance to be physically active together in a safe, warm and affordable environment. The programme offers weekly activities that run simultaneously for children aged 2-8 years and adults. The project delivers half-term sports camps that are open to children of UEL students, staff and local residents. The project has worked on a financially sustainable basis while costs to residents have been kept to a minimum.  

Training as an interpreter/cultural broker in community settings 

It is estimated that more than 138,000 people in Britain do not speak English and 726,000 do not speak it well. The inability to communicate effectively prevents people from fully engaging with society. This project breaks down communications barriers by training students to be interpreters, allowing them to act as ambassadors for their multi-cultural communities and for UEL.

Face Blindness: Identifying it in early educational environments

Humans are experts in recognising faces. Extensive evidence shows that this ability relies on exquisite brain networks and mechanisms. For some people, however, these networks and mechanisms do not develop fully, leading to a clinical condition known as face blindness. This project increases awareness of face blindness and develops ways to identify it in early educational environments. 

Social media for social care

This project involves the development of a bespoke evaluation framework to assess the impact of Rix Centre Wikis within school and health and social care services projects. The aim is to develop students’ knowledge and skills in carrying out applied community-based evaluations. Students are mentored over a six-month period in the art of co-designing and undertaking applied social evaluations.

Thinking of You

UEL is a partner of TOY (Thinking of You), which is a unique online platform created by Barnardo's that provides reliable knowledge and support for care leavers. The project originated from a direct request by a group of young people accessing Barnardo’s care leaver services in London for a ‘round-the-clock’ source of information and help.

Mapping Redbridge: In search of the spirit of place 

This project re-imagines the possibilities of maps and mapping as a technique to seek out the unique qualities and character of Redbridge. Students work closely with the council and local communities to survey the rich variety of cultures that exist in this diverse London borough. Students examine the idea of what a map is and what it can be. Their interpretation is then gifted and displayed in the community.

Hard edges = the lives behind the numbers

The aim is to challenge the stigma around homelessness, offending and addiction. This project is run in collaboration with the Innovation Unit, a not-for-profit organisation. Homelessness and issues around housing also affect UEL students. The project will showcase some students' stories in order to open up discussion around support and stigma. 

Wellbeing and Resilience mobile app 

The Wellbeing and Resilience Mobile App (WRAP) project creates a mobile app to support wellbeing and resilience among university students. The app builds on the work carried out in a 2014-15 London Scholars project which identified a need to improve wellbeing and resilience among the student population.