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Global Scholars 2016

Global Scholars gives students an opportunity to travel overseas to work on social enterprise projects. The programme is generously sponsored by The Noon Centre for Equality and Diversity in Business.


Reading project 

MA students who are full-time teachers will spend time in India working with their counterparts. The project looks at how reciprocal reading can be adapted to different cultural and language environments and teaching styles, and to see if it can have the same impact in a different cultural context as it does in the UK.

Mentoring and bridging the educational divide: developing a mentoring curriculum 

There is an observed gender divide in education, with research suggesting that females are outperforming males across the academic board. Further research in the UK shows there is also an ethnic divide, with ‘black and ethnic minority’ (BAME) students attaining at a lower level when compared to their ‘white’ peers. The project develops a mentoring curriculum to better understand the unequal gender and ethnic divide in education.

Integrate Change Uganda

This project aims to reduce youth poverty by adapting a micro finance model to the Ugandan sporting industry, empowering and educating sport professionals around business and finance management. Various factors are examined such as governmental regulation and security, workforce capability and strength of available infrastructure. 

Reflections for change: A toolkit for civic engagement

This work is being carried out in conjunction with D’Youville College in Buffalo, New York State. The college delivers community engagement training that complements the civic engagement work that students at UEL carry out. The partnership facilitates knowledge exchange and shared experiences of civic engagement in the UK and the USA that can be evaluated by UEL students.

Antibiotic Resistance: The Nigerian Context

This project builds on the work of a level 6 health promotion module and a civic engagement project that has been focused on public engagement around the pressing issue of antibiotic resistance. The recently published Review of Antimicrobial Resistance outlines the need for a global health awareness campaign to reduce the threat of antibiotic resistance. This project begins to gather the consumer perspective of antibiotic resistance in the Nigerian context in order to inform the design of a contextually relevant health promotion campaign for future public engagement.