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UEL brings 'everyday' science to children and their parents

Civic Engagement Fund 2015

Civic engagement fund

A group of academic researchers and students at UEL piloted a project helping pre-school children and their parents and carers in east London explore the exciting world of everyday science. 

The project took a hands-on approach aimed at helping parents see just how much knowledge they already have about everyday science, and giving them confidence to share it with their children.

Professor Eva Lloyd explained that UEL promotes science-related subjects.  And “where better to start than in the early years” when encouraging interest in the subject, she said.

“We wanted to encourage parents to build on the natural curiosity of young children,” she said.

The UEL pilot took its inspiration from a project carried out by a leading British academic in rural Bangladesh.

Results suggested that the UEL project worked well for children aged one to three.

“We’re confident that our evaluation of the project may lead to other early years settings giving this a go,” Professor Lloyd said.