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Success Stories

Creating business success stories through collaboration with student talent and research expertise

Industry 4.0 internships with pioneering tech business & Bartosz Stasik

Using their super-smart card technology, provides organisations with unique intelligence on the location of staff or students, zone-by-zone, for use in case of emergency, enabling better management and protection of the people using the building.

BSc Computer Science student Bartosz Stasik joined as an intern Junior Developer earlier this year. Both he and CEO Paul Sheedy have found the experience incredibly beneficial.

“Bartosz came as an absolutely outstanding student and changed the attitude of the team. His work ethic has been incredible and we would love to take him on in a full-time role as soon as he finishes his degree. His professionalism has been amazing and his attention to detail and commitment to work is outstanding” 
Paul Sheedy, CEO,

“The opportunity to work at and absorb new knowledge from Paul was by far one of the best things that has happened to me. I have been faced with new challenges every day, all of which have helped me develop my skills both as a person and as an aspiring Software Developer.”
Bartosz Stasik, UEL Student

The alumni-led business growing through the support of UEL students

Street Food Markets

Street Food Markets was founded by Jay McKenzie, Kojo Smith and Linh Tong. Jay studied BA Cultural Studies at the University of East London. In the three years they’ve been based at Knowledge Dock, Street Food Markets have become one of the UK’s leading street food events companies, attracting many thousands of people to markets around the country. An important part of their success are the UEL students who are continuing to work with the company through both placements and internships. The Street Food Markets team are keen to give further opportunities to UEL students and have recruited 5 MBA placement students ahead of the 2019/20 academic year.

“We recruited Alice Zambelli who was in her third year at UEL studying Advertising. Alice’s role was marketing assistant at our organisation.
During the internship, Alice helped us to grow our social media following through our training and also created videos for our Youtube channel. 
Alice also collaborated with myself to shoot an online series 'How Start your own Street Food Business'.
Altogether, it was a very positive experience with both parties finding it very useful and we are very honoured to be part of this scheme.”
Kojo Smith, Street Food Markets

Charity benefitting young people in London and beyond with the support of uel volunteers

HP-MOS & Jonathan Taylor

Health Psychology Management Organisation Services (HP-MOS) is a registered charity offering a range of services such as psychological, social, mental and physical heath training strategies and one-to-one and group counselling with different therapeutic approaches. They aim to improve quality of life, hence improving employability status.

Information Technology student Jonathan Taylor was awarded an Outstanding Contribution to Volunteering Award by UEL’s Volunteering Service for his work with HPMOS. Jonathan supported the charity’s IT and web functions, creating new multimedia content for various platforms including their website and YouTube channel. Being home to charities and social enterprises in addition to businesses makes Knowledge Dock the perfect location for UEL students to gain experience and develop their skills across a wide range of sectors.

“Jonathan’s significant contribution and has exemplary voluntary values such as dedication, passion and professionalism. He listened and understood the organisation’s needs before making design decisions. He additionally was able to work independently, as well as in a team setting and with an ability to think critically and creatively to problem solve and come up with solutions.”
Mercy Maclean, CEO, HP-MOS

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working at HP-MOS and would highly recommend it to someone who loves to create multimedia content such as YouTube videos and posters for special events. I also really enjoyed how confidential everything is; making you aware of what information, you need to keep secure. This has helped me appreciate how important trust is and I feel I can take that with me to other companies and work environments. Mercy was very friendly and was always there to help when I needed it the most.”
Jonathan Taylor

Becoming an industry leader over 15 years and launching an innovative start-up with UEL graduates

Freshorize & The Barista Cup

The company was founded in 2002 by Aziz Patel, after having an idea whilst on-board a flight sitting next to a toilet to combine a soap dispenser and air freshener into one product. They are now a leading supplier of fragranced hand soaps and air fresheners to the aviation industry.

After 15 years based at UEL’s Docklands Campus, Aziz is now trying to break into the coffee market with his latest innovative product, The Barista Cup, which allows the user to brew freshly-ground and perfectly smooth tasting coffee instantaneously, whilst using fewer coffee grounds.

Freshorize has employed three graduates from UEL, all of whom play vital roles in Freshorize as well as aiding the development of the Barista Cup. The most recent addition from UEL, Sid, who graduated in Product Design in 2017, joined Freshorize after successfully completing his studies.

“It’s such a great opportunity to work at a real-world business which is based where you study. I look forward to working with all the new people I meet through Freshorize.”
Sid, Intern, Freshorize & The Barista Cup