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Dates, Workshops and Content subject to change. All workshops take place at Knowledge Dock, Docklands Campus

1 | Ideation

TUESDAY 26th MAY | 10-1

‘Ideation’ is the creative process of generating and developing new ideas. A great session for those who want to start a business but are yet to find their light-bulb moment.

2 | Market Research

TUESDAY 2nd JUNE | 10-1

Define, grow and win over your target market. Learn research methods that will help you find the right information to inform the basis of your business activities and strategy.

3 | Market Strategies

TUESDAY 9th JUNE | 1-4

An introduction to various marketing techniques and channels. We will explore traditional and digital methods and what is the most effective route of communication based on your customer profiles. Learn how to nurture this relationship and turn customers into advocates of your brand.

4 | Pricing & Financials

TUESDAY 16th JUNE | 10-1 

Learn the basics of book-keeping and how to keep an eye on the finances. Get up to speed on the financial jargon such as margins, gross profit, assets and capital. Test how financially viable your business is in this practical session which will have you filling in spreadsheets and understanding financial modelling.

5 | Tax & National Insurance

TUESDAY 23rd JUNE | 10-1   

What are your responsibilities as a business owner in terms of Tax and NI implications? Find out the benefits and exemptions for those running their own business.

6 | Pitching & Sales

TUESDAY 30th JUNE | 10-1 

Develop a targeted sales pitch, preparing yourself to effectively talk about yourself and your company. Together we’ll work on curating a strategic outreach plan to help you develop your network and explore useful tools and techniques to help you make that first sale.

7 | Company Structures

TUESDAY 7th JULY | 10-1 

Understanding the various legal structures and responsibilities as a small business owner can be overwhelming. In this workshop we explore all the set up options for your product/service, helping you navigate and jargon bust the world of sole traders/freelancers, limited companies and social enterprises.

8 | Business Planning

TUESDAY 14th JULY | 10-1

Learn the key components of a business plan and how they work together to demonstrate viability. Explore a number of tools which will leave you with an actionable blue print to start your business.