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GetSet For Growth Procurement Toolbox

Helping Businesses Understand and Access Supply Chains

Welcome to The Procurement Toolbox workshop series by GetSet for Growth and our esteemed Partners!

Tendering for work and contracts with large buyers can often be daunting and if you are fortunate enough to win one, then comes the worry of “How do I finance this project? How do I ensure we have enough resources to complete the works on time and on budget to a high standard? How will I pay my team and suppliers when invoices deadlines are often set 30, 60 or even 90 days from issue date?”

With our Finance for Procurement masterclass these concerns will be addressed and we will provide solutions to your questions and issues. You will learn about financing options available to SMEs, both to ensure cash flow is liquid and to demonstrate reliable and sustainable business processes to your larger buyers and partners.

During this session we will address:

  1. The importance of business planning
  2. Financial statements and financial ratios
  3. Working capital and how to calculate it
  4. Overview of financial solutions for the business
  5. Long term and short term
  6. Invoice finance
  7. Construction finance
  8. Trade finance
  9. Asset finance.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Knowledge Dock Business & Innovation Centre

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