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The University has worked with employers in steering students into useful and relevant industrial placements for a number of years. This has benefitted both the students and sponsors alike.  Past students who have taken part in similar placement scheme found them very useful and learnt a great deal about the industry whilst their industrial sponsors have benefitted from students’ ideas and input.  

Embedded placements are typically unpaid but a contribution to travel or lunch expenses would be beneficial for the student. Of course, should a sponsor wish to offer payment then that would be favourable regarded by students. 

A placement in the industry offers students the opportunity to explore a role in an organisation over a 6 – 12 month period, working on a full-time basis. Placements are completed in the third year, after the first two years of study. Students then return to complete their fourth and final year.

A range of our MBA and MSc programmes have the option of a placement year. Students are required to complete 30 weeks of full-time work in the industry. The placement is undertaken once the student has passed all of their taught modules; and starts a year after their initial enrolment. They then return to University after their placement to complete their final Dissertation Module.   
Many of our programmes require students to do short-term placements in order to gain some practical work experience. The aim is to prepare students for their final stage studies through a placement in a relevant business function and to help them make an informed career choice when they graduate. Placements also give students the opportunity to take what has been learned in the classroom out into the wider world.

Taking on placement students

If you are interested in hosting a placement student or have any questions, please contact:

Employer Engagement Team


Tel: (0)208 223 3414.

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