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Auzzam Chaudhri

BSc (Hons) Computer Networks, 2013

    Auzzam is one of our shining stars, in 2013 he graduated top in his year in Computer Networks and won the Dean’s Prize in Computing along with Best Computing Project and the British Computing Society’s award for Best Overall Degree Performance along the way!

    Since graduating from UEL he has stayed in close contact and volunteers his time to UEL undergraduates in order to develop their employability skills having helped 75% of the students he has worked with secure job offers.

    Currently working in the role of Solutions Architect – Service Management and Sustainability for Fujitsu, where he was awarded the prestigious title “Graduate of the Year”, beating off top graduates from the likes of Oxford and Cambridge. In his role he has helped successfully form new sustainability offerings within Fujitsu which are now sold to customers and is now acting as a manager for new Fujitsu Graduates, like he once was. 

    Auzzam says a big part in him choosing to study at UEL was because a relative of his had recently secured a placement whilst studying at UEL. Knowing there was a support system to help find these placements was really important to him, as he understood how important placements could be to his future career. 

    We asked Auzzam what he enjoyed most about his time at UEL, and this is what he said, “The people, the diverse population of staff and students at UEL made it a really pleasant 4 years of my life. From working part time in telethons to volunteering as a student ambassador, meeting people from so many different backgrounds meant I was constantly making new friends and having a great time. 

    There were also some great teachers throughout my course who were genuinely interested in our learning and development.”

    He also went on to speak about how his time at UEL has helped him get where he is today, “I feel the whole culture of group work was a mirror experience of what can be expected in the real world. Although the group tasks during my course were often filled with frustration, this taught me invaluable skills on how to deal with difficult situations which is now used on a daily basis.

    The industrial placement I successfully secured at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical allowed me to demonstrate depth in experience when applying for graduate level roles at the end of my degree. I know of others who were having a difficult time progressing in job applications due to the lack of a placement year, so I am extremely grateful for UEL’s employability connections.”

    We love Auzzam’s positive attitude and inspiring story to his time at UEL our final question to him was, if you could offer one bit of advice to other UEL Graduates what would it be, “Believe in your abilities and realise graduation is only the beginning. It is important to find that inner belief and establish the “can do” attitude as this will help you stand out in your working career. I’ve found developing this fire in the belly gives me the confidence boost to truly push myself. This was most evident in my recent two year graduate scheme with Fujitsu. As a company Fujitsu has one of the best graduate schemes and attracts a whole heap of talent. I had peers who had graduated from Oxford and Cambridge University. I knew I had to continue my successful ways after just finishing top in my year at university, so it was important for me to stand out from the cohort of 65 graduates.

    At the end of the two year scheme I was awarded the “Graduate of the Year” for demonstrating outstanding performance. This I believe demonstrates if you have the belief and hunger, anything is possible.

    We agree with Auzzam and like to think nothing is impossible, as long as you believe you are capable you will always achieve your goals.