Wellbeing for students

The University of East London takes the health and wellbeing of students seriously and we have a range of resources available to support you. We have listed resources we have in place to support our students. We are here to support you no matter the issue. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you feel you could benefit from any one of these resources.

We understand that you want to gain as much from your time at university as possible, both academically and socially. The Student Wellbeing Service is here to help you achieve this at times when difficulties of an emotional or psychological nature interfere with your life both within and outside the University. This might involve practical advice and support or by accessing the various wellbeing interventions that the team can offer. Many students access mental health support, counselling or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) through the service, as well as a wide range of self-help materials and workshops offered.

Counselling or CBT needs to be undertaken voluntarily, not because someone else thinks you should have it. There also needs to be a commitment made to attending the negotiated amount of sessions offered at a regular time and day during the week.

How do I know if I need an initial Drop-In appointment with the Student Wellbeing Service?

It is a difficult process to admit to yourself that you are finding some things in your life difficult to cope with. It is also equally difficult to admit that you are struggling with your attendance or academic progression due to any emotional or health related issues. We know that friends and family are often your main support network but when that is difficult then please come to talk to us. Please just book one of our Drop-In appointments to make initial contact.

How do I book any of these appointments?

By phoning the Hub: +44 (0) 20 8223 4444 or logging to My Portal, ensuring you have your login details (email and password) to hand.
By contacting the Student Wellbeing Service directly by email at wellbeing@uel.ac.uk

Mental Wellbeing Resource Library

Mental wellbeing resources for students

  • Being Well Living Well

Whether at home or in our Halls of Residence, UEL provides a range of excellent online educational programmes to help you succeed at university. Being Well, Living Well is an interactive toolkit designed specifically for university students which provides skill-based modules to help you maintain your mental, physical, financial and emotional wellbeing while at the University. It is free for UEL students through the intranet.

Blackbullion aims to provide effective and impactful digital financial education to students.

  • Drop-in sessions (delivered remotely)

Our usual drop-in sessions are being delivered remotely. There are no specific time slots. Students are encouraged to email wellbeing@uel.ac.uk and the team will aim to respond within 24 hours and offer an initial telephone conversation with you.

  • Mental Health First Aiders

The University has a number of mental health first aiders who are able to support students and signpost them to sources of mental and emotional support.

The University's SportsDock has a wellbeing blog to inspire you with tips and tricks about maintaining your wellbeing.

  • Student Space

Student Space is here for students through coronavirus and is available to all higher education students across England and Wales. However you're feeling, help and guidance is available. You can explore a range of trusted information, services and tools to help you with the challenges of student life.

  • The Hub

The Hub is a student's first point of call if they need help with anything. The team can help refer you to the right service if you feel you need support but are not sure what or how to access is. The team are available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and can be contacted on (+44)20 8223 4444 or login to My Portal, ensuring you have your login details (email and password) to hand.

Togetherall is a safe, online community where people support each other anonymously to improve mental health and wellbeing.

UEL Connected

To help cope with the changes in our lifestyle, we have curated several internal and external mental wellbeing resources you can use to your benefit.

Mental wellbeing portal

Mental wellbeing portal for staff

We have a collection of wellbeing resources available to all our staff members, to help them cope with changes and concerns in their lives.

Visit our wellbeing portal for staff

Wellbeing and Psychological Services Centre

The Wellbeing and Psychological Services Centre (WPS Centre) offers affordable counselling, coaching, and community-minded support.

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