Embedding sustainability across UEL will make it a cleaner, greener, kinder and safer place to learn, live and work. It is not just about doing the right thing for our environment, it will benefit us all. So we will all help to put sustainability at the very heart of who we are and what we do each day because seeing sustainability as a nice to have, a catch phrase or a fad, will not allow our staff, students and community to reap the full rewards and opportunities that a sustainable university will bring.

In practical terms this means that we need to bring all our people together. Sustainability will underpin the decisions made and actions taken by every one of our staff and students each day; whether this be what we teach and research, what we buy, what we use, how we travel to university or how we promote the message of sustainability in our community, this is about working as a team and stretching and challenging ourselves to do better.

To succeed, we need to set up governance structures, management systems, policies, plans and procedures that will ensure we effectively track our progress and keep our house in order. But mostly, our schools and services need to work collaboratively and embrace the ways in which their work fits into and contributes to UEL's vision of sustainability.

Our Working together to embed sustainability pledges:

  1. We will create governance and management structures that drive sustainability forward and create a culture of accountability across all schools and services;
  2. We will have a dedicated teams who coordinate our joint efforts;
  3. We will embed sustainability into all our teaching, research and operations;
  4. We will establish and support discussion forums and collaborative networks that generate new ideas;
  5. We will develop and maintain effective management systems that allow us to track our continual improvement.