We are part of a community so our sustainability efforts need to go beyond our campuses; our local community is East London, where we are based and where we come from, but we also have our place in London, UK and the world. 

We are reliant on all of these communities to sustain our teaching, research and operations. So, it is our duty to give back to each of those communities too by developing positive partnerships across all community levels.

Our Connecting our community in a safe environment pledges:

  1. We will be a socially and culturally diverse university community where lively and safe campuses support everyone´s health and wellbeing (cycle scheme, cycle shelters, volunteering, health and safety, security, equality and diversity, business continuity plan/environmental hazards/risk management);
  2. We will empower our students and staff to become ambassadors and active global citizens for the long term of their communities both near and far (research etc, volunteering);
  3. We will give back to our local community as an employer, institution, neighbour and centre of opportunity, and welcome local people to our campuses (local recruitment, internship, garden, local students, minimum wage, open events, they can get involved, visit, contribute, explore);
  4. We will use our consumer power to make informed decisions on the produces and services we buy and give back to our global community (anti-slavery etc, see ethical procurement guidelines people and planet);
  5. We will develop our external links so that we learn from others´ best practice and so our knowledge and capacity in sustainability can offer benefits, outside our university (eg. ensure research is accessible, SRI, we give talks elsewhere, link up with Newham College).