Summer School Challenge 2022

Are you wondering what it will be like to study at uni?

The University of East London is very excited to announce our Summer School Challenge 2022. We will be offering a three-day on campus experience to students, aged 16-18, across a variety of exciting subject areas. Students will be challenged to work to an industry led brief with workshops and panels from our expert academics, outreach team and industry professionals. And that's not all - we have amazing prizes on offer!

The Summer School Challenge will run in the following subjects:

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5 - 7 July

Running a Smart City - Computing & IT

Computing & IT Students will have the opportunity to challenge their technical and design skills. They will begin with a tech briefing where they will learn and explore what a Smart City is. They will then be introduced to the different elements of what makes a city smart: from the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data to artificial intelligence ad robotics.  Register now!

Green & Sustainable Engineering - Engineering

This will be an exciting and dynamic introduction to key concepts in general engineering based on sustainable design and construction. Engineering combines physics and mathematic principles with materials science, to design, analyse, manufacture, construct and maintain different infrastructures and systems. You will be working in teams to re-design and re-engineering aircraft prototypes using various products for improved flight performance. You will also be, making smart and strong lean structures using minimal building materials to ensure it is reliable and sustainable producing the lowest carbon footprint. Student will also get to enjoy our Merlin521 flight simulator experience. 

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Towards Carbon Zero Building - Architecture

Our future will be determined by those that make positive differences now to the world that we live on. This Summer school will teach you how working in architecture and urban design can make a significant impact to how we see the past, act in the present and importantly build for a sustainable future for the planet that we all have to live on. Register now!

Diversifying Design - Visual Arts & Design

In a time of emerging automation and artificial intelligence it will be the designers, the thinkers and the problem solvers who will shape the world to come. This Summer School will equip students with key skills to enable you to navigate an ever-changing world of sustainable design. Register now!

Eco Entrepreneurs - Business & Finance

Students will have the opportunity to challenge their entrepreneurial mind sets, looking at real time data through an industry led game on Bloomberg terminals. Together we will explore sustainable business ideas, the stocks and shares market and hear from industry professionals. Establishing your personal journeys into the field of business within higher education! Register now!

Law, Justice & Policing

Students will have the opportunity to challenge their knowledge on Law and Justice. Introducing you to key concepts whether you are thinking about becoming a barrister, solicitor or legal advisor. This Summer School will equip you with a broad understanding of key legal principles within public law within the UK! Register now!

12 - 14 July

Music, Career & Me - Music

This Summer School will introduce you to the various ways to think and explore music creativity from different perspectives with like minds by gaining an understanding of the music ecosystem and some hands-on time to create your own tracks using industry standard instruments and equipment. Your journey starts here! Register now!

Communication, Media & Me - Media, Film & Journalism

This Summer School will introduce you to the various ways we think about the world and communicate with others by writing creatively or professionally. It will allow you to create an independent project exploring your own interests and your own story. What's your story? Register now!

Community Entrepreneurs – Education and Social Work

Using entrepreneurial skills to solve problems in the community and schools for individuals and families. The summer school will explore educational, and community related issues related to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), refugee education, and working in early years settings. Register now!

19 - 21 July

The Psychology of Wellbeing - Psychology

Challenge your critical thinking to discover what makes us who we are and how we behave. This year we will focus on psychological wellbeing, what is it, how can we improve it? You will gain research experience first-hand and discover more about your future in psychology today! Register now!

Biomechanics, Physiology & Psychology - Sport & Exercise Science

Interested in furthering your career in the world of sport? Students will work on a real-life project to design a sports drink aimed at improving sports performance & nutrition. Focusing in on personal development, students will work in team to pitch their sports drink and the scientific proof of whether it aids or not to a group of industry experts! Register now!

What can Summer School give you?

The UEL Summer School Challenge 2022 is an amazing opportunity for you to:

  • Gain more knowledge about your chosen field and the career opportunities it opens up!
  • Receive our bespoke resource packs filled with UEL goodies and materials to support students through the challenges.
  • Develop invaluable transferable skills, which are important for succeeding in higher education and beyond!
  • Respond to an industry brief, getting hands on experience of your subject - a perfect addition to any personal statement!
  • Access dedicated career planning workshops with careers coaches and industry professionals.
  • Have any questions about university and careers answered by the experts!
  • And most importantly, a chance to have fun on campus!

Who can apply?

The summer schools are open to students who are resident in the UK and are both in Year 12/FE1 and 16-18 years old. Everyone is welcome at the University of East London. At our summer school we aim to give priority to students:

  • who come from other groups that are underrepresented in higher education e.g. care leavers, estranged students, students with disabilities, white working class and from a Black and Asian ethnic minority group.
  • with little or no family history of going to university.

If you have any questions about the summer schools or need support with completing your application, please email for the attention of Shannon.