Post 16

The University of East London Schools and Colleges Team works with local school sixth forms and further education colleges, delivering meaningful, informative, relevant and timely activities to young people at a time when they are making important decisions about their future.  

Our activities are linked to our progression framework and can be mapped to institution career strategies, meeting key targets in the Gatsby Benchmarks. 

Working with students throughout their post 16 education, our activities are designed to inform and support young people to develop the skills, emotional intelligence and creativity needed to thrive in a constantly changing world, making them career ready for jobs in the 4th industrial revolution.  

Working predominantly with students from a widening participation background, our post 16 offer has sustained engagement opportunities, to build skills and knowledge, support attainment and ensure your students achieve their full potential in their studies in school or college, as well as university.  

We encourage schools and colleges to become a partner to discuss long term engagement plans to meet your careers strategy.  Research suggests that multiple interventions are more effective in helping students make confident, informed decisions about their future  


Taster days

Taster days available all year round including: 

  • Your Future degree subject taster series - Autumn  
  • University taster visits - Spring and Summer  
  • Subject taster seminars - Spring and Summer  
  • Demystifying higher education event series - Summer  

Employability and progression sessions

Employability and progression sessions – available all year round  

Summer schools

Summer schools - available in the Summer 

Curriculum enhancement

Curriculum enhancement - available in Spring - Summer 

Sixth Form Inductions

Sixth form inductions - available in the Autumn

What our students say

Clapton Girls Academy, Year 12 pupil

The day helped me figure out what it may be like to be study more specifically and it inspired me.

Barking Abbey, Year 12 Pupil, Your Future Scientists, Pharmacology 2018

I finally got to understand how pharmacologists actually work, giving me a better insight about whether I want to study it or not.

Director of Learning, Sixth Form East

Thank you for hosting an event which provided such a wonderful opportunity for the pupils of Sixth Form East. It was very well organised and the schedule was thought out in such a way as to maximise the benefits of a full day of subject tasters and personal development workshops. The University of East London has demonstrated a real willingness to support and promote the learning experience of our pupils.