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Welcome to the Outreach and Access Resources Page. We have developed a package of free online resources to support students, teachers and career advisors remotely. Here you will be able to access webinars, activities and watch inspiring stories of our students and their journey to higher education. Please click on the links below to access the resources you need.


Watch the inspirational stories of students past and present explain why they were motivated to go to university.

Previous webinars to watch on demand

We have designed a series of informative webinars to support students, provide guidance on university and give information about future career choices. These are aimed at different year groups and we will be adding additional webinars in due course. Catch up on some of our past webinars below.


Below are a diverse range of activities designed to give students a taste of university life and beyond. These are practical exercises for students to print off and work through at their own pace and provide transition support, key advice and information.

Years 7-9

Who is your role model?

This activity asks students to explore their own role models – who they look up to and admire, which skills and qualities they aspire to have and who in their opinion has achieved success in their life and work.

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Exploring education options years 7-9

Delving into student’s future educational journey, exploring the importance of GCSE options in planning for future careers.

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A-Z jobs challenge

Students are challenged to think of a job title for each letter of the alphabet then write down a description for each job role.

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A week in your life

A self-analysis activity where students identify the skills and qualities they possess and match it to everyday activities. An opportunity to appreciate the skills we already have and what can be worked on for the future.

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Time management

Students explore the importance of managing their time and identify practical steps to help improve this vital skill.

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Mythbusters quiz (Questions and Answers)

The mythbuster is a fun quiz and opportunity to learn more about university, including the terminology used and how learning takes place.

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Years 10-11

Essay term activity (Question and Answers)

Students match up different essay terms with their definitions. An informative exercise that supports students in strong essay writing.

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Exploring education options years 10-11

Delving into student’s future educational journey’s exploring areas such as apprenticeships, vocational qualifications and T levels. Contains useful sources of information for further reading.

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How to ace an interview

A really useful look at interview techniques, giving practical tips on how to impress when applying for a job, university places or apprenticeships.

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How to get the most out of your revision?

Practical tips on how to create a revision timetable to assist students in preparing for their GCSEs.

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Setting SMART goals

Explores the importance of setting SMART goals and breaks down in a structured way of how this can be achieved.

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Skills Vs Qualities

What are the differences between skills and qualities? This activity will delve into and identify the skills and qualities that students possess.

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