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Vulnerable Students

Unique programmes for students from vulnerable backgrounds

Vulnerable students

The University of East London aims to be fully inclusive, students from vulnerable groups are given priority on all our events and activities.  These vulnerable groups include young people who are:  

  • care experienced
  • young carers 
  • have a disability,
  • estranged from their families, 
  • have English as a second language 
  • unaccompanied asylum seekers/refugees.  

We work with these young people in primary, secondary and post 16 education in partnerships with charities, local authorities and support organisations, including special and virtual schools.  Some of our partners include: Newham, Tower Hamlets and Barking and Dagenham Virtual Schools and M-SET ARTS Limited.

In addition to the support we offer to mainstream schools, we provide an enhanced package of support to ensure these vulnerable young people have the social and cultural capital, along with the skills and knowledge to not only access higher education, but to achieve their full potential. 

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