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Primary schools

Two primary school children in their classroom

Primary schools

Inspiring children to be curious about learning from a young age helps them understand what their futures could hold. We work with primary school pupils from Year 4 to Year 6 on a range of activities in partnership with Debate Mate, Into University, Art Matters, Tutors United and 15 Billion. We also work directly with local schools via formal partnership agreements. 

We have limited spaces for our primary offer, to find out more please contact us


Pupil from Moulsham Junior School

“When we explored the library, we saw students working so hard to get good grades and a good job. Hopefully one day we'll get to go to university too. We would like to thank all of the adults involved from UEL for the day.”  

Student from Rosetta Primary

"Debate Mate encouraged me to speak up and give myself a voice. At the beginning of the year, I was nervous, but now, I'm able to speak in large crowds without getting embarrassed. Thank you!"

Marie France Roche, , Deputy Educational Development Director, Debate Mate

“For the past few years, the University of East London has hosted several rounds of Debate Mate's national debating competition, the Debate Mate Cup. Hundreds of students from schools across East London participate in this full-day event each year. In addition to taking part in debates where they discuss issues such as climate change, global affairs and education, they are also given the opportunity to experience the UEL campus and become aware of the range of courses the University offers. The Debate Mate Cup is an excellent way to engage young people in the community and expose them to a university experience in the community.”

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