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Upcoming Events

UEL’s Outreach and Access Team have put together an exciting series of webinars for your students. These will be open to Years 9 – 11 and will take place on Thursdays at 10.00am for a maximum of 45 mins. The series will run from Mid-May to the end of July 2020.

We will be using Microsoft Live Events to run these so there is no need for students to sign up, they just need to click on the link to join. These are interactive (comms are through a Q&A box) but students will not share any personal details or visuals via web cam in order to limit safeguarding risks.

  • 18 June 2020

    Year 11: What to do now you're not in school


    This will be led by an award-winning employability expert and will look at the skills needed to succeed in the workforce of today.

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  • 25 June 2020



    This webinar will help you prepare for the jump to post 16 education. 

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  • 2 July 2020 

    Years 9 - 11: Online academic taster - Economics


    Discover what it would be like to study Economics at degree level. An interactive and engaging webinar delivered by one of our Curriculum Ambassadors. Includes subject specific information, future career pathways and a personal student journey story. 

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  • 9 July 2020 

    Years 9 - 11: Financial literacy and higher education


    Money talks education will be delivering a 'Money Masterclass' this summer for students in partnership with the Outreach and Access Team at the University of East London. Most of us are taught how to work for money, but we are never taught how to make money work for us! 

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  • 16 July  2020

    Years 9 -11: online academic taster - stress management

    10:00 am

    A live interactive webinar where students will be able to understand the different techniques that can be used to manage stress effectively. This lesson is best delivered using a discussion format, asking students to share their thoughts and ideas about stress management and how they currently deal with it.

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  • 23  Jul 2020 

    Years 9 - 11: Online academic taster - Discover your strengths


    The discover your strengths webinar will provide a space for students to creatively work out how their strengths and qualities can contribute to their future aspirations. Students will engage in a personal S.W.O.T analysis which will provide them insights that will support their personal and academic development.

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Other Events

This your chance to experience life as a university student. Choose from a variety of subject specific lectures and chat about any misconceptions you might have about higher education. We have designed an exciting taster day for anyone looking to transition from further education into higher education.

Spaces are limited be sure to attend one of our Taster days and begin your journey with the University of East London.

Please contact us for more details.


All of the sessions below are free to attend.

  • Future Scientists in Drug Development – TBC
    Venue: Stratford campus
    Explore a career as a pharmacologist and become a drug research and development scientist in the labs at UEL – work on an industry brief to experiment with drugs to cure Alzheimer’s disease, and present your findings to future investors.

  • Future Smart Engineers for Smart Cities – TBC
    Venue: Docklands campus
    Explore how the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence can improve urban living. Challenge your engineering skills to develop sustainable solutions to issues in cities from around the world. This session includes a visit to the Siemens Crystal Centre.

  • Future Careers in Sports – TBC 
    Venue: Docklands Campus
    Explore your future career in the world of sport, including workshops in sports therapy, coaching, sports nutrition, and sport science.

  • Future Creatives – TBC
    Venue: Docklands Campus
    Explore your future role in a creative team, respond to an industry brief, set by the client, develop an innovative solution to their needs in the studios at University of East London, and pitch against your peers to land the job.

  • Future Business leaders – TBC
    Venue: University Square Stratford campus
    Explore your future in economics and business, and meet inspiring business leaders. Try your hand at investing millions of virtual money on the live stock exchange to see if you can make a profit!

  • Future Psychology – TBC
    Venue: UEL, Stratford Campus, Water Lane, London E15
    Explore and use the latest research methodology and techniques and challenge your critical thinking to discover what makes us who we are and how we behave. Find out more about your future in psychology with leading researchers.

Our subject lists for Curriculum Ambassador session’s can be viewed below. Please contact us for more information.

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Secondary school taster days have limited availability. Contact us to find out more.

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