COVID - 19 keeping you informed

The University of East London places the highest priority on ensuring our students, staff and other stakeholders are healthy and safe. This includes providing our community with the most up-to-date information available. The figures on this page show active cases of COVID-19 among University students and staff. We will update these figures each week.

From a total student population of 17,000 and staff population of 1,400 the number of active cases of COVID-19 at the University of East London in the last seven days and as of  19.01.2022 are as follows:

Students in university halls of residence 1
Students in private accommodation 13
Staff (who may have been on-campus) 0
Staff (who have not been on-campus) 12



The University is dedicated to keeping the public aware of its changing status in regard to Covid-19 cases on campus and is committed to updating this page on a weekly basis.

Please read the latest travel guidance from the government.

If someone at the University tests positive

In line with government guidelines, when a member of the University of East London community tests positive you must self-isolate with your household.

Students or staff who have symptoms of COVID-19 and have received a positive test result should complete their Daily  Health Update, which will notify the Infection Response Group. This will help us to minimise the risk to others and enable us to liaise with public health authorities to keep everyone safe. We have comprehensive procedures in place to communicate necessary information, work with local health authorities to track and trace to reduce transmission, deep clean affected areas and take other measures as needed.

Support for students and staff

We care about our community, and you will not be alone if you must self-isolate due to testing positive for COVID-19. The University will contact individuals to check on their welfare and wellbeing, and provide practical and emotional support.

For students in halls of residence, meals and mail will be delivered to rooms three times a day where students are self-isolating due to close contact or have tested positive. Hall wardens will make regular checks to see how they are feeling and identify any further needs.  

Safety measures on campus

Please refer to the University's Community Pledge page, which provides a set of simple steps to keep our community safe, and protect the health and safety of yourself and others.

The University is in regular contact with public health officials, including Newham Public Health, and other partners to ensure we are providing as much information as possible to the University community.

Please read our Infection Response Plan.

You can find out more about everything we're doing to keep you safe in our  COVID-Secure Campus Guidelines.


To help keep yourself and others safe when visiting campus please remember to test, tell and take care.

    1. TEST - All students and staff need to participate in twice-weekly lateral flow testing when visiting campus. This will help to prevent outbreaks and protect others, even if you yourself have been vaccinated. If you have not yet been vaccinated, you will be contacted when you're eligible.

    Tests are available at local Newham community testing centres or through home testing kits available for order from the government website.

    2. TELL - Please provide evidence of your test result by completing  your Daily Health Check and via the NHS Test and Trace App before any visit to campus.  If you are using a home testing kit, please follow the instructions carefully and ensure you log your test result as required. If you or someone you live with has a positive test result, we can help with financial and wellbeing support.

    3. TAKE CARE - Please continue to take care of yourself and others. You can do this by committing to our COVID-19  Community Pledge, following  our COVID-19 Healthy Behaviours (including wearing face coverings when indoors), and government advice on social distancing measures. All our campuses are COVID-19 secure to help keep everyone safe so please adhere to the safety measures that are in place to help keep you safe during your visit.