Gender pay gap

Gender pay gap

UEL employs some 1600 colleagues across the organisation which includes Hourly Paid Lecturers. We are committed to being a fair and inclusive employer, enabling all colleagues, regardless of gender, race, background, or any other protected characteristic, to reach their potential with us.

Our report on our gender pay and bonus pay gap follows the methodology set out by the Government, comparing the hourly rates of pay between our male and female colleagues regardless of their roles, as at 31st March 2019. In addition, our report provides context to the key gender pay figures and outlines actions we are taking to improve them.


Equal pay

Gender pay gap analysis is different from equal pay. The gender pay gap is concerned with showing the difference in the average hourly earnings of men and women regardless of their roles across the business. Equal pay is concerned with men and women receiving equal pay for the same or similar or work of equal value, a principle that is followed throughout the organisation.

For full details, see the UEL Equal Pay Report for 2017.