Arranging support for yourself or a loved one

The Wellbeing and Psychological Services Centre (WPS Centre) offers affordable counselling, coaching, and community-minded support.  Our counselling and psychotherapy team can help you with a range of difficulties including anxiety, depression, low mood, confidence, and relationship issues.  If you wish to discover your personal capabilities, enhance your interpersonal skills, or improve your own effectiveness, then our positive psychology and coaching psychology team can help you find the motivation and commitment to do so.  We offer support either by telephone, online, or face-to-face (where possible and depending upon COVID-19 contingencies).  To find out more about how we might be of assistance to you, please contact us via the enquiry form below. 

Partnering with us as a likeminded organisation

We wish to leverage efforts to fulfil our mission to offer community support services across the Greater London area. That's why we maintain strong working relationships with local communities and organisations.  Given its place in the University of East London's Stratford-based 'Health Campus', the WPS Centre welcomes partnerships with likeminded others, be they from the public, private, or third sector.  As such, we're always keen to forge alliances with GP practices wishing to outsource the offering of psychological support, charities and service-delivery partners with allied interests, local schools and colleges, and commercial innovators who wish to augment the effectiveness of our support through technology.  Research is central to the WPS Centre's work, as is embracing and embodying the University of East London's 'Digital First' agenda.  Our commitment to a better understanding of psychological support encourages staff and students to contribute to evidence-based studies, the development of practice-based knowledge, and the use of technologies such as AI-enabled software to augment the effectiveness of psychological support.  To find out how to collaborate in the delivery of our projects and initiatives, please contact us. 

Registering your interest in being part of our team

We offer supervised placements to trainee counsellors, psychotherapists, positive psychologists, coaching psychologists, and other mental health practitioners within the School of Psychology's various programmes of study.  As such, we employ experienced individuals who are suitably qualified and available to supervise in a part-time capacity.  We also sometimes recruit volunteers and interns who wish to gain workplace and/or research experience in psychological services, or who wish to contribute otherwise.  To find out how to register your interest in being part of our team, please contact us.

Keeping informed of our events, offerings, and outreach activities

Since 1965, the School of Psychology at the University of East London has built a strong reputation for psychology education, professional training, and research.  We are well-connected with employers in the health and business industries.  Our graduates run numerous services within local authorities, charities, and NHS trusts.  We are one of the largest schools in the country and we are recognised as an international hub for professional training, theory development, and research activity.  Our graduate community is at this point in the tens of thousands, and the WPS Centre offers various means of keeping live these valued connections.  We offer themed seminars and outreach events, create awareness through outreach activities, and share insights via social media.  You can connect with us online by searching 'UEL WPS Centre Events' using your preferred web browser. Please follow us on social media in order to find out about our projects, initiatives, and CPD offerings.

Seeking support if you are a University of East London student

If you are struggling with your attendance or academic progression due to an emotional or health-related issue, it's best that you contact the Student Wellbeing Service in the first instance.  They understand that you want to gain as much from your time at university as possible, both academically and socially.  If they then feel that doing so would be in your best interests, they can refer you to the WPS Centre.  For example, you may wish to augment their initial support with extended counselling or a different kind of support, such as coaching.   

Seeking immediate support if you are in distress

We are not an emergency or 24-hour service.  Therefore, if you are concerned that you might harm yourself, or are in any circumstances in which you believe you are facing an imminent life-threatening situation, there are others who are more well-positioned to help you:

999 - You can always telephone 999 in an emergency. 

Local hospital - You can make your way to any hospital which has an Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department.  It might be in your best interests to ask someone to accompany you.  

Samaritans - You can telephone Samaritans on 116 123.  This number is free to call, and you don't need to be having suicidal thoughts to phone them.  

Your GP/medical practice – Contact your registered GP or medical practice and ask for urgent support. 

Please do not forget the importance of speaking to someone you trust.  Let family or friends know what's going on for you.  They may be able to offer you support and help keep you safe.  

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