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Psychology shapes us as individuals, and our society - and is the reason behind many issues, such as why we think or have opinions on certain things, but also helps to improve our lives, where the effects of disability or injury are increasingly being understood and their effects are being mitigated, as the incredible pace of knowledge, research and technological advancement continues. Our internationally renowned academics and fantastic facilities at UEL, including VR and dedicated research labs, will allow you to experience and learn all about modern psychology in today's climate.

Study one of the most rewarding and fascinating areas of science, where you go on a journey through the human mind and explore what makes us tick, unlocking many important reasons behind what makes us who we are, including mental health, human behaviour, and brain development.

This course is perfect if you want a British Psychological Society accredited degree in psychology, but you do not meet the standard entry requirements. First, we prepare you for your degree during the Foundation year, bringing you up to speed with academic skills and a firm grounding in the subject - then you can go on to do the full undergraduate degree. 

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Why choose UEL?

  • Our Foundation Year is flexible; you have the option to transfer to a more specialised pathway on successful completion of the year, for example, BSc (Hons) Clinical and Community Psychology or BSc (Hons) Environmental Psychology and many more! 
  • You will be offered Office for Students funded Academic Coaching in partnership with our Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (MAPPCP) students and accredited graduates.
  • You can pursue a career in an area of Professional Psychology through our Masters and Professional Doctorates, including MAPPCP, Occupational and Organisational Psychology, Integrative Counselling and Coaching, Educational Psychology and Clinical Psychology and many more!
  • Studying Psychology at UEL equips you with skills and experience essential to what top companies want in graduates, enabling you to work anywhere with your degree.

How it works


The majority of enrollees to our Foundation year choose the four-year BSc (Hons) Psychology (with Foundation Year).  But if you already have dreams of pursuing a career or postgraduate studies in Forensic Psychology or Child Psychology but do not meet the standard entry requirements for L4 entry, you can start your journey here with us by applying directly for the BSc (Hons) Forensic Psychology (with Foundation Year) or for the BSc (Hons) Psychology with Child Development (with Foundation Year). 

Complete your foundation year

Once you have completed the Foundation Year, you can stay on your pathway or rethink your specialist pathway (if already chosen) and embark on one of the following undergraduate psychology degrees within the Department of Psychological Sciences:

I hadn't written an essay in 20 years, but the Foundation course taught me how to write at an academic level. As well as learning new skills, I was introduced to many classic psychology studies. I fell in love with psychology and academia during the course.

Dr Paula Booth

Senior Lecturer and Course Leader, BSc (Hons) Psychology with Child Development

Our Foundation Year courses are perfect for you, if you...

  • are returning to education after a long time, or you have not acquired the requisite qualifications for direct entry into our degree programmes
  • are thinking of re-training and would like an introduction to the area
  • are an international student wanting an additional year to adapt to the UK academic system
  • are still evaluating which BPS accredited psychology degree pathway at UEL is the right one for you
  • want to experience a unique community feel developed by close working relationships between staff and students
  • are keen to acquire and develop skills and experience, such as research inquiry, data management, analysis, academic writing, debating and critical and creative thinking

Direct route into our PSYCHOLOGY courses

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