BA Film
This year's BA Film Showcase film screening event took place on Docklands Campus on Wednesday 26 May. Students and staff came together to celebrate the achievements of all final year students, with friends and family tuning in online. Students, in groups or individually, made a 10 minute film, in whatever form they chose. A variety of work was produced, from short dramas to documentaries and experimental films, while other students opted to write a 10,000 word dissertation. Despite the many obstacles faced this year, the students produced some exciting work of a very high standard. 

We spent 10 months planning our final film, and I have never felt such strong pride as I did when the title faded onto the screen at our end-of-year showcase. It is no secret that low-budget filmmaking is a long and stressful process, but being able to participate and grow with such a strong group of talented women made it one of my favourite experiences at UEL. Having chosen a challenging and hard-hitting narrative, it felt amazing to arrive at the showcase knowing we'd succeeded in our expectations for the film. Our year of hard work had paid off, and we had formed life-long friendships along the way. Sharing our work with our class and lecturers was a wonderful and wholesome experience, and the support that we received when we were announced 'Best Drama' was overwhelming. Finishing my degree on such a high note was very motivating and filled me with so much positivity for my future career in the film industry.

Bethen Blackabee, final year student in BA Film

Media and Communication (BA Advertising, BA Media Production and BA Media and Communication)

‘Why?’ Level 5 experimental documentary