The University of East London workshops are places where ideas are realised and concepts take on a physical form. An experienced Technical team support staff and students guiding them as they explore a world of making, introducing them to a whole range of materials and processes some rooted in tradition and others at the cutting edge of technology. We live in an exciting era when the dialogue between craft skills and technology will lead to many new ways of making. At the University of East London we encourage this fusion of tradition and innovation constantly looking for new ways to make it real.


  • Analogue Dark Room
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Civil Engineering Lab
  • Computing Labs
  • Digital Fabrication Lab (dFUEL)
  • Geotechnical Laboratory
  • Hydraulics laboratory
  • Lighting Studio and Practice
  • Mechanical Engineering Workshop
  • Printmaking Workshop
  • Riso East Print Studio
  • Sculpture Workshop
  • Surveying Lab
  • Woodwork Workshop


  • Dr Garry Doherty - Woodwork Workshop
  • Mr Daryl Brown - Woodwork and Sculpture Workshop
  • Mr Chris Donovan - Civil Engineering Workshop
  • Dr Saeed Javid - Mechanical Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Mr Craig Madden  - Analogue Dark Room, Lighting Studio and Practice and Riso East Print Studio.
  • Mr Glen Marston - Printmaking Workshop.
  • Mr Masum Zain Miah - Geotechnical Laboratory, Hydraulics laboratory and Surveying Lab.
  • Mr David Morgan - Woodwork Workshop
  • Mr Paul Nichols - Digital Fabrication Lab (dFUEL)
  • Dr Mark Sowden - Sculpture Workshop
  • Mrs Barbara Zandavali - Digital Fabrication Lab (dFUEL)
  • Mrs Gaynor Zealey - Printmaking Workshop


AVA and Knowledge Dock Building. 

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