I'm a final year Drama, theatre and performance student and I am the oldest of three sisters. We have separate dads, but we are a close family unit. From a young age I have always been on the stage. I always did performances in my living room. I would pretend my grandad was Simon Cowell and I would do Karaoke for him. It progressed from my living room to school where I did all the school performances I could. My final year performance of Hairspray was my favourite as this was a musical. Many of the other pieces I performed in were theatre-based plays.

I changed secondary schools because I was bullied for 4 years and eventually, I decided to go into a theatre school. The one thing I want to do is become the teacher I never got. My dissertation is on bullying and I want to get a job in a school so I can advocate for young people.

Writing spoken word has been a passion of mine. I was part of a project during BREXIT (which was due to happen on the 29th of March) where I wrote a piece and performed it. I'm not into politics but I wanted to create a performance to allow people to understand politics. It was for young people to get involved in Brexit so they could relate and not get bogged down by terminology.

The biggest thing for me about lockdown is not being able to go to the theatre. I've booked a musical 'SIX' for December and I hope it goes ahead. But there are some positives too for drama student in this time because we have all the online facilities. I haven't lost out on any work. I have done socially distanced live events including the Postgrad open evening with Fleur East. I’ve been involved with various university campaigns. I may have missed out on live performance and reduced face to face studying but I don’t feel like lockdown has meant missing out on any opportunities per se.

Terri Foreman is a Drama, Applied Theatre and Performance student.

Terri Foreman portrait photo at night time