During lockdown, I decided to make Fryjacks to help me relieve my homesickness. Fryjacks is a Belizean adaptation of beignets but more savoury. I shared the tasty treat with my friends/flatmates as sharing my culture is the most Belizean thing to do.

As everyone enjoyed the wonderful taste I couldn’t stop thinking of the last time I ate it. It was My last day in Belize. We had breakfast on the beach and I had Fryjacks for breakfast while enjoyed the company of my family with the Caribbean breeze blowing.

Looking at my flatmates around me, I couldn't help but think about all the things we dreamt of doing this year but unfortunately everything is now on hold. Travelling the world and experiencing different cultures was a huge aspect of our friendship as we are a culturally diverse group. We had planned to travel to the last few European countries left on our bucket list for our final year in the UK.

Learning other traditions and experiencing cultures is what made us into the people we are today. Our last trip was to Morocco where we were greeted by the incredibly friendly and hospitable people where we were able to celebrate our differences together and enjoy the uniqueness of the nation. Experiences like this helps us appreciate what we have in the western world but also helps us celebrate our differences.

Covid-19 has halted us from discovering other countries and cultures. We can't wait for this to be over to continue our passion and discovering new places and people.

Einer Gomez is a International Business Management student at the University of East London