About the team

Governance and Legal Services performs a key role within the University.  It has stewardship of the governance framework of our University and assists the Board of Governors, the University Executive Board, and Schools and Services to maintain compliance across a range of domains. It also provides the secretariat for the Board and its Committees.

The team gives specialist legal services support, professional advice, guidance and support to Governors and senior managers on a range of aspects of corporate governance and legal issues. 

Staff provide management support for specific individual cases of personal or corporate litigation involving staff, students, partner organisations or other parties.  

They advise, as the need arises, on other areas of law which are relevant to the activities of our University, its partners and/or subsidiaries.  In addition the office undertakes due diligence and risk assessments on collaborative activities and partnerships, assisting in development of contracts and a range of legal agreements.

As part of Governance, the office is responsible for oversight of risk management arrangements.

Key Aims

The key aims of the Service to support the University in meeting its strategic aims, are to:

  • To provide support to the effective performance of Board of Governors and Committees
  • To support schools and services through the provision of specialist advice and staff development
  • To reduce exposure to risk through the risk management process
  • To ensure compliance with external legislation/regulatory requirements
  • To avoid reputational and financial damage to the University


Leah Netley (Executive Officer to the Chair of the Board, the Chancellor and the University Secretary)

Tel: +44 (0)20 8223 2568
Email: l.netley@uel.ac.uk

Reporting to the Chair of Governors and Chancellor, directed by the University Secretary, Leah will liaise on behalf of the Chair of Governors and the Chancellor in turn, meeting internal and external stakeholders to fulfil their commitments to the University of East London, to the students, staff, partners, the Board of Governors and wider stakeholders.  Leah supports the University Secretary and engages with his reportees on a daily basis. 

Mary Mitchison (Senior Counsel)

Tel No:  +44 (0)20 8223 4035
Mary is responsible for providing legal advice across the University, supporting the University Secretary and working with the Data Protection Officer and Legal Adviser to make sure that University carries out its statutory duties, is legally compliant and achieves best value for money.

Aleksandra Wawrzyszczuk (Legal Assistant)

Tel:+44 (0)20 8223 4009
Email: a.wawrzyszczuk@uel.ac.uk
Aleksandra supports senior management across the University with negotiation and execution of contracts as well as managing contentious matters and advising on regulatory issues.  In addition to resolving a broad range of varied legal queries, Aleksandra maintains the team's case management system and provides assistance with complex student complaints and appeals.